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  • Internet Service Providing (ISP)

We provide dedicated Internet services for our clients using Technologies such as VSAT, Fiber over Air and Fiber connections. These services are provided base on speed (1Mbps, 2Mbps up to STM1 speed) or Data (1GB, 2GB up to 1TB) requirement.


  • Sales, Supply and installation of Hardware

We also provide a wide range of IT equipment including servers, racks, UPS, PCs, laptops, notebooks, tablets, printers, routers, switches, Network cables and UTM devices at competitive prices through our wide network of suppliers located in the USA, Middle East, Far East, Europe and Asia. Some of the hardware brands we provide are: Xerox, AdvanPos, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Fortieth, Cisco, D‐Link, Panasonic, Logitech etc.

  • Design and implementation of LAN, WAN and Intranet solutions

We design and implement Local Area Network (LAN) across all levels for Organizations ranging from Small Office Home Office (SOHO) to Large Enterprise network using industry standards. We also design and implement Wide Area Network (WAN) and corporate Intranet that span across office at different geographical locations

  • Design and implementation of Data centers

We design and implement Data center using virtualization and cloud technologies with high availability, security and resilience.

  • Design and installation of Collaboration solutions

We design and implement Webex, Voice and video conferencing solution that can be hookup with any internet enabled device anywhere and anytime.

  • Design and installation of Telemedicine solutions

We install Telemedicine infrastructure and solution that allow consultant to remote attend to their patients anywhere and anytime


  • Design and development of e-learning and LMS solutions

We design and develop Learning Management System (LMS) for both onsite and distance learning that allows student to register courses online, take assignment and test online and allow Instructors/Teachers to create learning materials and manage their classes online. With the e-classroom, Instructors/Teachers can start a class online anywhere anytime and students too can join the class online anywhere anytime.